Different browsers like Google Chrome, Outlook, Safari, or the way it looks on your mobile device or a PC/laptop vary a little but all will allow you to 'customise and control' or give you 'tools' to go 'incognito' or browse privately. On a laptop the tool menu is a button on the right hand side of the web-site address bar. On an iPhone if you click the open pages icon on the bottom right of the screen the word Private appears on the bottom left hand side; click this.

Using incognito or private browsing means the sites you have been looking at will not show up in your browsing history (apart from to your network provider or the websites visited, or your employer if you are using a work computer).

Browsing privately or incognito will still retain any files you download in your downloads file, so to be completely sure, in 'more tools' you can find 'clear browsing data' as well as 'clear browsing history'.

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