Our founder was introduced to the newly established Registered Social Landlord, Nottingham Community Housing Association, with whom we worked in partnership to re-furbish a building he had found which was suitable for multi-occupany. Once opened we were immediately inundated with referrals and were fully occupied within days.  Our original provision was 7 units of communal accommodation which over the years has been extended to include 3 additional self-contained units to allow access to our safe accommodation for larger families, families with older boys, with cultural needs and families for whom communal living is unsuitable.  We have helped and supported the setting up of other Domestic Abuse services regionally throughout the years.  We provide Outreach services in the local community for victims / survivors who cannot access Refuge.  We have developed and delivered many training packages around Domestic Abuse awareness, healthy relationships and the Freedom Programme. 

We support on average 37 families every year within the refuge and 40 families via Outreach service. 

We welcome the involvement of positive male role models as our client group often have no experience of them. The majority of staff coming into day to day contact with clients in the refuge are women.  However, Midlands Women’s Aid does not seek to make women ‘independent’ to the extent of rejecting relationships with men in their future.  Rather they wish to enable women to be able to make healthy choices and recognise positive and negative relationships and abusive partners.  Midlands Women’s Aid believes it is important that children and young people also are introduced to and recognise positive male role models.  Boys up to the age of 18 are welcome to come with their mothers and these families with older boys will be housed in satellite accommodation but take part in group activities where suitable.  Committed women and men of varied talents and experience are represented our the Board of Trustees.