Meet the team

Catherine Saunders

I have been with MWA since June 1995. Whilst I am the CEO I remain a frontline worker. This allows me to remain focused and in touch with the needs of our client group.  I spend a lot of time one to one with women in the refuge as well as planning the overall service.  I am passionate that every woman and child arriving here feels they are walking into a welcoming, warm and accepting environment.  I love my role because of the growth in personal confidence I see in the women and children who stay here, the support the women give to each other and their ability to make a fresh start when they leave us.




I am the Refuge services Co-ordinator. I started with Mwa in 2002, was made redundant once in Aug 2012 due to local government cuts and returned in when our CEO had secured funding. I am passionate about the work of MWA and the client group I serve.





I am the Children's Services provider. I joined MWA in July 2016 initially for six weeks to cover the school holidays. My post has been sustained by the fund raising efforts of our CEO and Beeston Consolidated Charities. I provide group seessions and one to one to very needy children.




Admin worker. I joined Team Mwa in Jan 2017.


Clare. Therapeutic Services.


Cheryl. nacs manager


Amanda. nacs and Refuge support 


Mahila. Intern.


National Women's Aid 24 hour freephone helpline