We believe passionately that for a woman who comes to our refuge this is an opportunity to make the fresh start they want to lead a safer, more fruitful and fulfilling life.  Many women have been made to feel for years worthless and guilty that the abuse is ‘all their own fault’.  Controlling behaviour and constant criticism leads to a lack of confidence that has grown over time.  One of our key goals is that women who feel like this realise that it is NOT their fault, and our programmes and staff will help you on a journey to rebuild your confidence and plan for the bright future that you want for yourself; a future in which there is no place for an abusive relationship.

Helping Hand

We will spend time with you focussing on what you want out of life and open opportunities to improve basic skills, go into education, work, or build your career.

We run safety planning workshops so that you know how to keep safe in future and then we help you find accommodation you feel you can make your own home in an appropriate area where you feel safe and help settle your children into local schools.  We will help you with your practical affairs to move on and make a fresh start.