Friendly Community

Many women who come to the refuge have felt very isolated.  If this sounds like you, the refuge should be very helpful in making these feelings fade fairly quickly.  As one person staying in the refuge put it “here women don’t feel so alone; there is no ‘normal’ and people enjoy spending time with each other”.  Cooking together, cups of tea, trips to the shops, the park and special trips all bring people together in a positive and relaxed community.


Children play together in regular playgroup sessions including in the refuge’s own garden as well as participating in fun trips and informally spend time together and create bonds with other children which helps them deal with a new environment.  Of course it is not easy uprooting children from what they know, but this is a good place where the vast majority of children enjoy spending time.  Abusive parents leave a legacy of abuse to their children so the mothers who bring their children to the refuge are making a brave but loving and wise decision in taking them away from the abusive environment.  We can give you childcare support and classes to help with confidence in parenting, if you would like this free service.

Women can win back a sense of normality in their lives and enjoy looking after happy children in a supportive environment where they can make new friends.

Trips and activities are organised during school holidays, for example our yearly family Panto trip and a trip to Alton Towers.

Older children as well as clients are encouraged to be involved in decision making and running activities within the centre further enhancing a sense of community and confidence.

You will work closely with and get to know well one support worker throughout your stay who will look after all your needs and progress.  Your children will also have the benefit of a specialist children’s support worker.  Children who have lived in an abusive environment often do not express their feelings readily; our children’s support worker is a skilled counsellor who will work to gain the trust of your child to open up so that we can address the emotional effects of living in an abusive environment together.