When you arrive

Admissions can be made to the refuge at any time.  The address of the refuge is entirely confidential.  On arrival we will ensure you have enough to eat and drink then we will arrange for you to safely collect your personal belongings where appropriate and bring them to the refuge.  Our staff will give you and your children immediate emotional support and deal with any legal and medical matters.

Our refuge is a pleasant and secure home.  

We can accept up to seven families at any time in the main property and have 3 satellite properties.  Each family has a private family bedroom or self-contained apartment and the refuge is never overcrowded.

Midlands Women's Aid workers will not tell you what decisions to make or what to do.  Instead we will give you a safe place and in your own time, with our support you can decide the way forward that feels right for you. Our workers will work with you to help you feel in control of your own life and your own decisions.

We are here for you

Please remember if you are experiencing Domestic Abuse it is not just your problem; you do not have to cope alone.  Violent parents leave a legacy of violence to their children.  Call us to protect you and your children.

You will find not only a sense of safety but gradually a new found sense of freedom; freedom from fear, freedom to make your own every day decisions and larger decisions supported as and when you would like them to be, and freedom to play with your children in a calm stable environment.   You will find yourself less stressed and if you have children, you may find that you have the time and atmosphere to spend time bonding with them that you never had before.  You can be the real you. You are safe.